Dead and Breakfast

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I just got done watching the movie Dead and Breakfast, got it in today from Netflix.  I have to say it was not all that good.  By that I mean it just did not do a very good job ov holding my attention at all.  Not one of the better movies I have gotten latley.


Top 50 sci fi shows of all time?

September 24, 2005 at 8:57 pm | Posted in cool stuff, Random, Television | Leave a comment has their list of the top 50 scifi tv shows of all time. I am not sure I would agree with them on all of their choices but none the less they have a pretty good list of shows.

stargate sg1 pic

posting a pic from flickr, test post

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My fur baby Zoe


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I just heard about this, a bus on the way out of Texas has burst into flames and 24 people are dead.  All of them are seniors from a nursing home.   As if things were not bad enough, its depressing. Heres a link to the story

First post on my brand spank’n new blog

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Got me a new blog on this here new wordpress thing a ma bob.  Just take’n er out for a test drive right now.    Check back often for perls of wisdon or a recipe for a killer fondu, who the fuck knows right now.

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